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Hey you. I'm Kate and I like to tell tales.

I live in Edinburgh with my daughter and girlfriend, and my passion is creating content across multiple platforms in a way that helps every person feel safe and seen. 

I’m a freelance writer, with work published in Project Calm, Boshemia Magazine, A Life Loved and The Pool. I'm also a natural light photographer specialising in LGBT+ couples and their families. 

I speak regularly at events and lead popular workshops. Topics include developing a voice for your brand, building an online community and improving your photography. If you’d like to book me for your event, please head to my speaker page for more details.


I hear you and I see you.

My gift (and joy!) is in creating safe spaces for people to be seen, heard and understood and I do this by fostering community in my Patreon, podcast and here, on my blog.

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Storytelling comes first

My love of storytelling comes from my grandfather who spent many hours conjuring up narratives for me with little else but his powerful imagination. In turn, my father taught me the rule of thirds when I held my first camera. Equipped with the ability to capture and tell tales, my life of chasing inspiration and documenting everyday moments began.

It eventually led me to create A Playful Day, a popular craft, creativity and knitting blog and podcast. Just as life evolves though, my online space did too and the podcast has been relaunched as Conversations From Our Days. You'll find the blog here too, under my own name and I share personal essays, political musings and special guest writers. Sometimes, you need a fresh start before you can really move forward freely again. 

I created this space as a reminder to seek every day moments that invigorate us and make our hearts glad. I made it so that I could exist and be seen and in doing so, hope you feel the same too. Being included is something that matters a great deal to this awkward girl with a big heart.


If you are:

Aching to be heard.

In need of some joy.

Wanting thoughtful words and inclusive images.

You are so welcome here. 

- Kate



All photos on this site were taken by Kate O'Sullivan unless otherwise stated