Weekend. In Pictures.

Most weekends are full of journeys and things to do but every now and again you get one where you just feel you nailed it. This weekend definitely felt like one of those....


I meant to sit down this evening to finish a draft post about the 'Telling Your Story Online' workshop I'm hosting in a few weeks. I also had some thoughts on good cooking habits for The Maker's Year too. Somehow though the allure of the pictures awaiting editing on my camera became too much and I flipped the SD card out. Two hours later I'm a glass of red wine down, Florence is telling She never knew she was a dancer and I've been lost in wintry landscapes for some time. The other posts are coming but for now, let's savour a weekend worth waiting for shall we?

There was shell collecting....


So, so much shell collecting...


... and then the debrief in the sleepy spaces of Sunday morning as we looked at the different types of shells we found. She filed them carefully in her 'special jar': an ugly glass vase that she could almost have fit in as a newborn. It's already half full. 


We feasted on a sort of unassembled Bubble and Squeak: braised cabbage in cider with farm bacon and eggs, layered up with good cheese and leek mash. (cabbage with cider recipe here via Riverford Organics). We baked oat cookies via Deliciously Ella and when the mist didn't clear we shrugged and just pulled our hats down a little more snug. 



I think winter light is my new favourite thing. 


We soaked it all in and even found a new pub where they ask if you're local before they serve the cider. We all lied according to how brave we felt. 

It's not always the case that you get the weekend you were hoping for so when you do? It's important to let that feeling sink in, even if it means pushing aside those to do lists that are going to hurt just a little more on Monday as a result. Whatever. There's still 3 more songs left of this playlist and a splash of red wine in that bottle. 


~ xx