It would appear I fell off the blog. 

I didn't intend to get so distracted. My attitude ever since writing about Slow Blogging a few weeks ago was to embrace the idea of story telling and go with the inspiration as and when I found it. There's been plenty inspiring me but I've been stretched a little thin creatively so I just wanted to pop in, wave and let you know what's happening elsewhere. 

Obviously, I've been wandering with my camera. A lot. 

There's been the slow plod towards a podcast relaunch. If you've been waiting, the sidebar just switched from zero news to 'relaunches March 2016'. The side bar is possibly more optimisitic than I am but I've got a whole season almost ready to go. It's just the perfectionism kicked in so now I'm tweaking and fussing. I fuss. It's a thing I do. 

There's been some blogging on other online spaces in the form of Tips for Taking Beautiful Photos. If you like the idea of improving your Photography to capture your craft projects and tell your story online, you'll be pleased to hear I'm back in Makelight Studios with Emily Quinton on 12th March 2016. You can find out more and grab tickets here

It appears March is going to be an explosion of creativity and I'm ok with this. 

 (c) Emily Quinton

I also had my first go at a Periscope broadcast. For those of you who've not discovered Periscope, it's a way of live broadcasting to an audience. I offered a little walk behind scenes on a photography shoot at Deans Court which was my location for a day. Those shots mean more exciting work ahead as I pull together more stories for amazing companies I am so lucky to work with, creating images and content for their communities. Periscope broadcasts are thankfully short lived, disappearing after 24 hours because talking to an audience that could see me was.... intense. 3 things I learned from Periscoping? Learn where your exits are if you're walking, try not to hold the camera if you're shaking with nerves and maybe hide the explosion of props you create when you work. Pro tips right there folks. 

I've just spent some time noodling around with the static pages on my website and sort of regret starting the job that feels like there will never be an end. I now have a Press page which makes me feel all kinds of self conscious but there it is, all the lovely people who have featured me and my work lately. I did then realise that I needed a new media pack once I sat back and looked at all the features. So if you've been thinking of interviewing me, now is a great time as I have material ready to go for the first time in about 3 years. I thought I was done until I frowned at the About Me page and before I knew it I had committed myself to getting a portfolio of my professional work up and a sponsorship pack too. 

Yes, sponsorship will make a return and I'm agonising over the decision as always. 

 Image captured at Dean's Court during that fated Periscope broadcast

So there's things happening, just not here on my lovely blog or podcast. Which I miss terribly. 

I'll be right back. In the meantime feel free to roam around the new spaces on my website and let me know what you think?