The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Emma Mitchell

Welcome to the first feature episode of Season 1! This season we’ll be exploring how we nurture creative processes in our daily lives and in this episode I am introducing Emma Mitchell. Emma is a maker who has made the change from the high powered world of patenting and consultancy to writer, creator and designer. Her story is rich with lessons for listening to urge to create.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to every person who retweeted, cheered and generally was brilliant about the return of the podcast. It's been an overwhelming response and one that's made me so excited to share all these stories I've spent the last 3 months recording for you. I'm already in awe of the people who have made their way to Patreon to pledge their monthly support for this podcast and all the fun things I'm creating over there as a thank you for that generosity. It excites me that we are creating this together. 

Finally, before I introduce Emma a quick "hear us roar!" cheer for every person who took up the creative challenge that will be running through Season 1. We are answering the question: 

What does making mean to YOU? What brings you joy? What are your frustrations? What do you secretly wish to achieve and what can we do as a community to help make that happen?

You can participate one of two ways: blog it and leave  it as a comment or tweet for me to share a post on Instagram using the hasthag #themakersyear and tagging me as @aplayfulday so I can find it. You can get the full details of the challenge in last week's episode here


Today's featured guest:

"It was the craft equivalent of a huge slice of cake"

Emma created The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon last year in collaboration with Mollie Makes and is an example of all the wonderful ways creativity and social media can combine to make exciting things happen. I love the way Emma talks about social media being the core of a real life crafting community and something that helped her realise her dreams. If you've been wondering how to engage a community as a creative business owner or just on the fence about using social media more, Emma's enthusiasm and experience will surely speak to you.

I recorded this interview mid January. Emma was full of a cold virus but tucked herself up with her microphone and hot drinks and shared her story of the switch from a corporate world, to a creative life of jewellery and crochet design, writing and photography. Emma’s story felt right to help me explore The Maker’s Year as her various crafts and making began to spill over from the corners of her life and into every moment. She was using craft as therapy in a time that she felt swamped by the demands of her professional life and life as a mother.

These days, Emma describes herself as a jewellery designer, teacher, writer for Standard Issue magazines, mother, naturalist, crochet designer. Her delicate silver work and calm soothing Instagram images captured my attention from the moment I found her last year and I’ve been wanting to share her story ever since. If ever there was a lesson in the way creativity layers and builds upon existing skills, this is it. 

You can find Emma in the following places online:




Her new online home also launched since the podcast and is beautiful. You can find it here.  


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Music selection at the end is Jess Ray's 'Too Good', available via Noisetrade

Take care and stay playful! ~ xx