Season 1, Episode 1: The Maker's Year

 The A Playful Day podcast: Season 1, Episode !: The Maker's Year


The podcast is back, newly rebranded and relaunched! I can't wait to share everything that I have been creating with you! Today I'm sharing a story of my own hopes and dreams as a maker and I really hope you feel as excited as I do about this new voyage of discovery. 

The break was a little longer than planned. I needed time to think about what I wanted this to be and who I am in our creative community. I listened, read and reflected on all the feedback left in the last episode and was a little intimidated! While I was feeling that way, I slowed down and enjoyed the blog and my making. Blog posts that you might have missed while I was away:

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Sometimes in order to achieve our goals we need to make ourselves accountable and maybe do something that scares us a little. That feeling is exactly what this first pilot episode is all about. I truly felt the power of the 'hear me roar moment' knitters experienced due to Clara Parke's latest book 'Knitlandia' and rightly so. Now I want to create something new and exciting too. 

All my ideas for the relaunch of the podcast came when I sat back and asked a question: 

What if we created an exciting online community with video, images, words, real projects and regular reminders to stay creative?


Here's how I hope to make that happen:

  • From now on the podcast will run in seasons that follow a loose theme to help me tease out ideas that have recently got me feeling creative. I loved the effect of a monthly theme last year when I explored different avenues thanks to An Inspired 2015. It led me to The Maker's Year which in turn led me here. 
  • There will be a free weekly podcast that everyone can listen to and be as big or small a part of that as they wish. 
  • Episodes will range from stories to project ideas and recipes to essays and challenges. Think of it like a weekly call to be creative. It’s one which you can be as big or as small a part of as you wish.
  • This will be about the makers, the community they sit within and the journeys we undertake. I will continue to share my personal journeys and I really want to hear from you. #themakersyear on Instagram has already been a great success and I linger there as a way to push myself out of my own comfort zone and keep challenging myself with making.
  • I consider this podcast and all the social media I create around it part of who I am as a creative so I hope to really elevate that over the coming months so you feel as excited as I do right now on Episode 1, season 1.

If you’d love a monthly lovely letter or call to creativity, those are my first add ins on Patreon. For a set amount a month you will receive the shownotes as a pretty email direct to your inbox. For a little extra I’ll send you a monthly postcard with my original images and newly designed logo courtesy of Tilly Flop Designs.

You can find me as aplayfulday on Patreon if you wish to find out more and donate.  Alternatively, one off donations are always gratefully received via 'donate' button on the podcast page.



Season 1 Creativity Challenge:

One listener suggested a creative challenge to appear on the podcast, a little like the Love Your Blog link up that I ran this time last year, encouraging people to return to their online homes and write around a theme.

I loved the idea so here’s a challenge for us to work on together. You can participate one of two ways:

  • Blog- blog it and leave the comment on this episode for me to find. Or tweet it up so I can hit share instantly! (@aplayfulday)
  • Instagram- #themakersyear @aplayfulday


Answer the following question in one or multiple posts:

What does making mean to YOU? What brings you joy? What are your frustrations? What do you secretly wish to achieve and what can we do as a community to help make that happen?

If you’re stuck for ideas check the Pinterest boards out: January, February, March


I want your making to feel achievable to you. The Maker’s Year states "My creativity might not look like your creativity and that’s ok". It’s an idea that I will return to again and again throughout this year. If neither of those two options work please do pop into the Ravelry board where you can find our playful group and me as Greentrianglegirl.


So there we have it, the beginning. I’m so excited about all the interviews and features I have planned. I’ll be back in just a couple of days with an interview from a writer and maker I have found very inspirational this past year. I can’t wait to share her story with you.


You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as @aplayfulday. You can also always shoot my a line at helloATaplayfuldayDOTcom. If you like what you hear, please consider joining our Patreon community where you find me as a creator, A Playful Day.


Music selection at the end is Allen Stone's 'Sleep', available via Noisetrade