The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Emily Quinton

 The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Emily Quinton


"Documenting and sharing in this way has enabled me to have an amazing job that I have designed for myself" - Emily Quinton

In this episode I’m sharing a second featured conversation with someone who has had a huge impact on the way I document my every day life since meeting her a year ago. I’ve invited Emily Quinton of Makelight to join us at A Playful Day to help get us thinking about how we document our creativity. 

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You can find Emily in the following places online:





You Tube

Makebelieve (Emily's family blog)

I do hope you enjoyed Emily’s passion for photography and perhaps this week you will join us in documenting your making using #themakersyear hashtag or Emily’s #makeseasonallight this month.

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Outro music featured is Find my Way by Brooke Annibale via Noisetrade


Show produced and edited by Chris Muldoon.