Blog Tour: Crafting with Mason Jars

Jars are big currency in my house so when my friend Hester from Hester's Handmade Home announced her latest crafting book would focus on crafting with mason jars and other glass containers, my ears pricked. Hester is something of an upcycling genius and offers tutorials on her vlog that forever have me itching to get making. 

 Crafting with Mason Jars blog tour, A Playful Day

When I moved house recently I caused great amusement that I shifted an entire box full of jars and bottles. They're all now in full rotation as small vases for fresh flowers, storage solutions and vessels for preserving. What I love about Hester's book is that any new glass entering my home will now have even more possibility as something fun and useful around the house. It speaks to the maker in me that wants my home to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It's a big part of my pledge for The Maker's Year so I'm considering Hester's book a bit of an essential for 2016. 

 Crafting with Mason Jars blog tour, A Playful Day

Keeping the fact that I was moving again in 3 months firmly in focus, I flipped through the book, trying hard to resist the urge to make bird feeders, hanging lights and planters. Naturally I've earmarked a few for later when I won't have to dismantle them again. I wasn't disheartened by this limitation thought and soon started listing all the quick ways I could use new glass containers. For me, this is the joy of Hester's book: a project for everyone. 

In total Hester offers 35 projects ideas ranging from simple gift ideas to items for the garden or your home. A quick flip through confirmed there's not a huge amount of additional items that you'd need to invest in to make the majority of these projects. Upcycling for Hester is all about what's readily available so it doesn't become an arduous task but rather a project to make at the weekend that is quick with satisfying results. 

So what did I do to celebrate Hester's new book.....? 

 Crafting with Mason Jars, Blood Orange Cocktail project

I made a cocktail of course!

I have some fabulously shaped jars that I've kept with the express purpose of Summer cocktails in the garden. If I'm getting my own garden for the first time in months, I plan to celebrate! Hester includes a number of quick party and picnic ideas and her cocktail recipe just had to be tested out in time for my birthday this weekend. 

It mean, I should practice before Summer, right? 

Hester's version is Pineapple Vodka but, inspired by her suggestion to play around with the recipe, I decided to work with something more seasonal and reached for the Blood Oranges nestled in the bowl on my kitchen table. (I'll be sharing the recipe I used and links in next week's podcast which is basically a love letter to Blood Orange). I love the idea of cocktails with brunch this weekend, served in mismatched jars full of pink delicious vodka. 

Thanks for the inspiration Hester! If you're looking to pin this post for later reference, feel free to grab the image below: 

 Crafting with Mason Jars By Hester Van Overbeek

With thanks to Hester's publishers, Cico Books, for kindly providing a copy of 'Crafting with Mason Jars' and a mason jar to play with. This blog post has been created for the Crafting with Mason Jars blog tour. Opinions expressed here are my own. 

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