The APD Podcast, Season 1: Blood Orange Marmalade, Curd & Liqueur


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"Blood Orange- like regular orange, only with a little extra magic"

This week, I'm paying homage to the joy that is good seasonal produce and how to make the most of one of my favourite seasonal fruits, the Blood Orange. 

I share details of 3 recipes I've enjoyed making:

Blood Orange and Bourbon Marmalade

Blood Orange Curd (recipe resource, The Modern Preserver via Newton and Pott)

Blood Orange Cello/ Simple Syrup 


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For all other inspiration, especially for food and cocktails, you can find me on Pinterest as A Playful Day and find pins such as the Wild Garlic and Pesto recipe I made recently too. 

I do hope you enjoy this seasonal food inspiration and if you make anything inspired by today's episode, perhaps you will join us in documenting your making using #themakersyear hashtag. To find out more about this seasons creativity prompt, please visit the first episode of season 1, here 

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Outro music featured is 'Gonna Let my Soul Catch my Body' by Over the Rhine via Noisetrade

Show produced and edited by Chris Muldoon.