The APD Podcast Season 1: In Conversation with Veera Valimaki

 The APD Podcast Season 1: In Conversation with Veera Valimaki


"I found knitting to be a way to keep me creative and to get my ideas out into the world"

This week I am sharing a conversation that I had with Veera Valimaki, a knitwear designer whose work I greatly admire. Veera has collaborated with some of the most inspiring yarn dyers, companies and designers in the business and her attitude to creating is refreshing to hear. Veera believes in both aesthetically beautiful knitwear that must ultimately be practical and functional. Her early days training in the field of architecture has served her well, keeping her connected to the world of the Arts and the Sciences. 

Veera's latest book, a collaboration with Joji Locatelli, has just been released by Pom Pom press. Interpretations Volumes 1-3 are available digitally via Ravelry and in printed form via Pom Pom and stockists which you can find via the Pom Pom website:

Pom Pom Press

Find Veera online:

100% Rain, Veera's website Instagram Pinterest Ravelry Store


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Outro music featured is 'Let Me Hear (ravish your heart)' via Great Awakening via Noisetrade

Show produced and edited by Chris Muldoon. 

With thanks to Pom Pom press for kindly providing a copy of Interpretations Volume 3 for the purposes of review and reference for this episode. Opinions expressed here are my own.