The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Kim Werker


"The work that I do is intended to help people have more fun making stuff"- Kim Werker

Today on the podcast I am featuring a conversation with Kim Werker. Kim describes herself as a writer, an editor and a camp counselor for grownups. Kim has had a career rich with creative experience from the first editor of Interweave Crochet Magazine to the founder of Crochet Me. She has produced several books and is truly impressive in her pursuit of listening to her creative voice. Kim's values are very much in tune with what I'm pursuing with The Maker's Year, my own journey into every day making and making that is achievable. 

Kim talks passionately about removing barriers to being able to identify as a creative and also to your making. She describes herself as being restless all the time before she found a way to achieve something creative every day in both her career and her personal making too. It's an idea that resonates for so many of us I'm sure. 

Kim mentions:

Make It Mighty Ugly

The Daily Making Jumpstart

You can find Kim in the following online places:

Kim's website






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Outro music featured is 'Riverside' by Dreamboat via Noisetrade

Show produced and edited by Chris Muldoon.