The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Ali Hanham of Deans Court

 The APD Podcast, Season 1: In Conversation with Ali Hanham of Deans Court


This week on the podcast I am sharing a local story that wonderfully illustrates how passion & thinking creatively can make an enormous difference. I’m in conversation with Ali Hanham, somebody who I’ve been getting to know for her role at Deans Court, a local private house and gardens that has transformed into a community hub. 

Deans Court is a private house and gardens that I stumbled on one morning as I wandered around one of my local towns. It was like the finding home I'd been hoping for- a kitchen garden café full of local producers and organic, seasonal food; a beautifully curated shop full of antique pieces and handmade items that inspired me instantly. As I nosied my way around the shop I found leaflets for pop up stalls, supper clubs and fascinating looking artists. This seemed to be a hub and so I chased the story and found Ali.

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Outro music featured is On the Rise by Truthseekers via Noisetrade

Podcast edited and produced with Chris Muldoon.