Mondays that Feel Like Sundays

Three day weekends really help ease me into weekending. Anyone whose read this blog before will know that I have a pretty big crush on weekends that make you feel good somewhere deep down in your soul. A 3 day weekend with May Day celebrations is a pretty sure fire way to  help me ease in gently. 

So I'm thinking of today as a Sunday. I've let loose the coils of the week and am now in that amiable mood where everything just feels right in the world. If you're easing into this Slow Monday too, here's some  Sunday Vibe moments that made me a little gladder to have some down time to appreciate them all the more:

1. Blossom- Not only is it exploding all around our neighbourhood but it's also all over the internet. Instagram is about two posts away from Blossom saturation and I'm entirely fine with that. I adore these frothy petals that make me stop dead in my tracks each Spring and I'm all for it. I say let's celebrate blossom and take another billionty photographs. 

 'Lazy Sunday Socks' by Jane Burns, images via Kat Goldin

2. Sunday Socks- Or more specifically, Lazy Sunday Socks. Jane Burns has just released a new knitted sock design collection and it's pretty decadent. Each design involves intricate stitch details accented by beads and it's all shot by the incredibly talented Kat Goldin. Eden Cottage Yarns for the yarn support means a beautiful colour palette so this is a yes to decadent socks to be made on long weekends and wore round the house as a treat. You can find more details here:

Lazy Sunday Socks

3. Magic Baths- Little One has been having a tough time with sleep lately which means we're both having a tough time in dealing with our exhaustion. I've been irritable as heck and she's permanently stuck on "emotions in a blender" mode. It's meant that I've been heading towards night time with a sense of dread each night so this weekend I decided to change that script. We've made reading dens and read our bed time stories in them with windup torches. We've popped glow sticks in the bath to make a disco. We had a cuddle competition where we got all our squeezes out for the day. All in the hope of just adding a little extra sparkle to a bedtime routine that's been increasingly fraught with unhelpful negotiations on both sides. Bonus points for Portishead and Lamb playlists too. I'm rolling with it.

4. Snaps- After declaring that Snapchat needed to get a haircut and quit with the attitude I finally stopped being so curmudgeonly and made myself spend a weekend getting to grips with it. I came out with some thoughts and ideas I'll reflect on later but for now I'm saying it's a yes and you can find me with the username aplayfulday. I'm thinking of it as Instagram on a day off. Expect food, nature walks and at present, a lot of blossom. Because blossom. 


"Women’s issues are men’s problem" - Meryl Streep via The pool UK

5. Meryl Streep- Can I be her when I grow up please? I mean really. Love this brilliant piece in The Pool that made me fall deeper into hero worship in a way that I actually didn't think was possible. 


With thanks to Jane, for kindly providing a copy of 'Lazy Sunday Socks' for review. Opinions expressed here are my own.