May's Maker of the Month

When I decided to have a year long focus on making, sourcing and documenting creative pursuits for The Maker's Year, celebrating those who are adding value to our creative community was at the forefront of my mind. I've decided to feature one Maker for an entire month on my sidebar to give visitors the chance to know who I'm being particularly inspired by. Whether that Maker skills people up, leads us to resources or adds a diverse voice that keeps our community rich with fresh inspiration, I want to share those stories. 

So this month, I would like you to spend some time getting to know Clare Devine of 'Knit Share Love'. I've been lucky enough to share time with Clare and was honoured when she asked me to shoot some of her work a few months ago. Clare has a mission to get everyone knitting and has just relaunched her website with this exact purpose. It seemed fitting to host her on the blog today and you will find her nestled on the side bar throughout the whole of May. 

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I asked Clare to share what makes her tick as a maker and she blew me away with the answer. If you'd like to hear more from Clare, stay tuned for Season 2 of the podcast because she has a great story to tell.....


"Making things fills me with joy – they needn’t be complicated things or a grand undertaking – just the simple act of putting something together that I need to, or want to create is enough. I love the process, but what I love more is the sense of community I find as a “maker of things”. Using my hands to create something brings the strands of my life closer to the strands of others, both near and far. In a world so often connected by tiny snippets of information in this technological age I find a real sense of comfort in the slower process of creating with my hands and the connections it has formed in my life.

Knitting came to me slightly later on my life path – I do not have endless memories of knitting as a child but I do have so much to thank knitting for in my adult life.

A year ago I was feeling a little overwhelmed, at a cross roads with multiple life decisions, nothing overly serious – just one of those moments when you have to stop and take a deep breath, ask yourself where you are going and why. I looked at what I had created around my passion for knitting and saw in it a warm and loving community who cared deeply for their craft and those they shared their love of fibre with.

I knew then that I wanted to continue sharing my knitting – that is what I love most. I started a knit-along and tagged it #knitsharelove, the core of what I felt in that moment. The response was just what I needed to guide me through the cross roads – the joy of people knitting, sharing their creations and finding support and love in the fibre community, it filled my heart with joy. I had found my space to share my passion - #knitsharelove.

The act of making needn’t be a grand one, the stitches don’t have to be complicated, sometimes the most soothing making is effortlessly simple, it is what making brings to our lives that is most important – the moments of joy, the friendships made, the skills learned, the comfort found. I am so grateful to be part of this community and love the sentiment behind #themakersyear. I have found sharing in the creative practices of others so rewarding and inspiring, everyone makes and creates so differently. Learning from each other is where the real beauty is."

You can find Clare on most social media as @knitsharelove, join her hashtag #knitsharelove, and you can also visit her website: