The APD Podcast, Season 2: Let's Have an Adventure

 The APD Podcast, Season 2: Let's Have an Adventure


In this episode I’m extending an invitation to you and asking for you to think about adventure. Whether it’s new skills, new experiences or rediscovering the joy that’s already waiting for you in the place you live, I’d love to inspire you to seek out resources, ideas and places that help you feel even more creative. 

As this season evolves, I will be finally moving with my daughter to what I hope to be our forever home. It’s going to be a tough time but one that excites me enormously. A sense of adventure has been a strong presence in my life for over a year now. I’ve spent months trying to find a place that gave me a sense of home and I took various trips both around the UK and abroad when I needed time to think and reflect on what my next steps should be as a self employed single mother trying to figure things out a little. Location has had a huge influence on my writing, my photography and ultimately, my creativity. I wanted to explore that idea with you this season as I believe that it’s a powerful one.

Being adventurous doesn’t have to mean packing your worldly possessions into a rucksack and hiking the next mountain we find. Of course you can do that and sometimes a BIG adventure is what we need to really step outside of our usual patterns and take a good look back at ourselves and our patterns.

However, an adventure can be as simple as being open to new experiences: a new food, having a go at that new craft you feel intimidated by or visiting your friend who lives somewhere you’ve never been before. Sometimes the best way I’ve found to overcome creative block is to grab my headphones and walk in a new direction, armed with my camera. I’m always amazed by what I find and looking through the view finder and taking it all in can really ground me when I’m feeling unsure of what shape my day needs to take.

After 4 years of podcasting, I’ve noticed that often the people who I interview have responded to a need they felt to create and they were open to possibility. Several took a few goes to it right for them and that intrigued me. How do we keep ourselves open to the possibilities out there? It perhaps this sense of openness or adventure that many of us haven’t quite grasped that stops us making things we really feel excited about. I hope this season gives you some ideas.

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For me, my adventure is this podcast and all I’m creating with A Playful Day. From the photos I share on instagram, the dose of inspiration in my newsletter and this podcast, I have pledged to help people find a playful moment in every day. There’s so much more to create and share but I need to make a space in my life to invest in this adventure so last season I launched my Patreon goals. Patreon means I can make my ideas and hopes visible to anyone as excited as I am by making every day life just that little more special.

Patreon means that if you like what you hear and want it to continue or maybe even get a little more inspiration from A Playful Day, you can do that. There’s a range of subscriptions, each with something fun included to say thank you. The amount you pledge goes out once a month so for the cost of a cup of coffee together for example, you can be a part of this podcast’s adventure.

I’ve added a new reward this season and this one is for food lovers- a seasonal recipe from either myself or a guest creator. You can now take an adventure by trying out something new or learning some foraging tips for example. The recipe will include helpful suggestions for adaptations and will be exclusive to subscribers, much like the snail mail I also offer. As the pledges grow, so will the podcast. Being able to move it out of evenings where I currently work on it and into my working day would mean I can travel more for interviews, develop the quality of the recordings and offer more behind the scenes and additional podcast episodes. But I need your help to get there.

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