The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Clara Parkes

 The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Clara Parkes


"The more I get into a place of routine with creativity.... I run the risk of losing that spark. I like to be a little bit terrified. Slightly uncomfortable."

This week on the podcast I'm sharing the story of a writer and creator who regularly invites knitters on an adventure. Clara Parkes is an author, creator of Knitter's Review and someone whose work I have long admired. Her recent book Knitlandia is a New York Times bestseller and explores the many places around the world that have inspired Clara as a knitter. 

For Clara, a sense of place is as much about the resources it offers as the actually geography and location. What I loved about interview Clara was her ability to be really present in the moment: making, baking, coming home, even, needing to leave home. Her ability to capture a moment and communicate it is incredibly inspiring to me as a creative person and she encourages me to adventure with my making as much as my own travels and day to day experiences. 

Find Clara online:

Knitter's Review





We mention a crochet designer friend of mine, Joanne. She is part of The Crochet Project, who I interviewed for the podcast last year. 


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