The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Clare Devine

 The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Clare Devine


I suppose I like things to mirror the ebb and flow of life, I think that's the nature of being creative" - Clare Devine

This week on the podcast I'm sharing an interview with somebody who has been a big influence on my own sense of adventure. I met Clare Devine as a knitter and newly emerging designer. She had just started her career and was moving from South Africa to the UK. One of the many moves I have known Clare to have. We connected over our love of South Africa, London life and of course, our knitting. Before long we were fueling each other’s wanderlust and it was Clare that traveled with me to Dorset on a camping trip the weekend I fell in love with the area that has now become my home.

Clare’s design work responds to her current mood about her travels and life filled with adventure. She listens to where she is and is very present in that. Clare grounds herself with stitches, local yarns and a knitting community in a way that anchors her during her many adventures. Clare is also my current maker of the month on the blog because I really wanted to support her as a creative business owner. KnitShareLove, her design and brand name represents so much about what I love about talented makers. It celebrates community, learning and joy in making. I know you’re going to be charmed by her bubbling enthusiasm.

Claire mentions the idea of "itchy feet" or the "travel bug" being in your genes. Those interested in the idea might enjoy this article via Elite Daily about the subject. 

Clare will be teaching at The Craft Sessions this year. 

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