The APD Podcast, Season 2: How to Have an Adventure


In this episode I’m settling down to share some of the books and writers I’ve drawn inspiration from as I seek to add a little more adventure into my life. When I was planning this season of adventure, I was naturally pretty enthusiastic about the idea but when I started to think about listeners tuning in, I became worried how many of us have the resources to really embrace an opportunity for adventure?

That’s part of what is informing part of this season I guess. In a similar way to my creativity not looking like your creativity for The Maker’s Year, my adventure might not look like many of my guests. We can find it in new taste experiences when we cook, changing our daily routine a little to take in a new routine or perhaps dig into some local history in our own surroundings that we never knew existed.

My Own Adventure Update:

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I review and talk about the following books and publications:

Microadventures by Alistair Humphreys

Grand Adventures by Alistair Humphreys (kindly provided by Harper Collins for review purposes) The Small Adevntures Journal by Keiko Brodeur (kindly provided by Chronicle Books for review purposes)

Extracurricular Magazine (I particularly enjoyed The Adventure Issue and The Wild and Free Issue recently.) 


Finally, summer is on it’s way and that means time off with the children for many of us or a perhaps time to escape from work for a short break. I’ve been working with two adventure spirited women who I much admire in for their forthcoming online course for Mindful Summer Living on a budget. It’s called Stitch+Forage and has been developed by Hannah Bullivant of Seeds and Stitches along with Nastasha Richardson of Forage Botanicals. There is a team of guest contributors, of which I am one and we are also all affiliates for the course. 

You can find out more about Stitch+Forage by clicking here (affliate link)

(I also blogged a little bit about my contribution, here)

I’ll be back next week with a special guest who shares a long and loving look at location which has really inspired me to dig deeper locally. I can’t wait to share this one with you.  


Music- Letter in the Sea by Dani Cichon via Noisetrade

Podcast produced with the kind support of Chris Muldoon. 

With thanks to the publishers Harper Collins and Chronicle Books for kindly providing review copies for this podcast. Opinions expressed here are my own.