The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Dan Thompson


"Everyone still wants to make the place that they live better... the internet and the power we've got through it gives us the power to do it"- Dan Thompson

This episode I’m talking to an artist who invests on a very local level to connect ideas and communities. Dan Thompson is a social artist, a writer and speaker whose work is about people and places. In this interview he shares ideas about how we can connect deeply on a local level to really discover more. It was an interview I enjoyed very much and then listening to again as I prepared this episode because for me, there’s a great sense of adventure in Dan’s work. Digging deep and seeing what makes a place and community unique is a really enriching experience for everyone involved in that process and I hope you get some ideas about your own sense of place from this interview.  

You can here the podcast with my reaction to the London Riots here

You can find Dan in the following spaces:

MrDanThompson Wordpress





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Music featured today is Coming Home by Soulesk via Noisetrade

Podcast produced with the kind support of Chris Muldoon.