The APD Podcast: Taking Chances

 The APD Podcast: Taking Chances


This week, I'm poised to move into our new home so I'm asking YOU for inspiration by exploring the idea of taking chances in order to adventure. You can participate however you wish, either via blog, Instagram, or even tweet. 

I would love to hear about the chances you’ve been taking, those adventurous moments that you’ve been investing in. What is motivating you to take on those challenges no matter how big or small? Share them and add the tag #themakersyear so we can all find the stories we've been sharing as a community. Your story might be the prompt one of us needs to invest!

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I'm off to pack and move house but let’s stay in touch. You can find me as aplayfulday on:





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When I can, I’ll share updates on the move and then I’ll be back with the last few interviews for this podcast season of Adventure.

Music featured today is Tennis Court by Mary Broadbent via Noisetrade

Podcast produced with the kind support of Chris Muldoon.