The APD Podcast: In Conversation with Kylee Newton


"I like to think of my little pots of preserve as little soldiers that I'm sending out into the world"- Kylee Newton

In this episode I’m sharing an interview with Kylee Newton of preserving company Newton and Pott as well as author of the book The Modern Preserver.  I fell in love with Kylee's incredible intuition for flavour when someone gifted me a jar of relish a few years ago. Once I bought her book, The Modern Preserver, the deal was sealed. Kylee is a career changer, traveller and food adventurer so she seemed like such a great fit for this exploration of every day adventure on the podcast. I loved chatting with her for this podcast and I’m sure you’ll come away eager to explore new flavours too!

Kylee's tips for getting started with preserving:

1.   Start with pickling- Vinegar is already a sterile environment to begin with so this is a good simple starter.

2.   Follow simple food hygiene rules- clean hands, clean tools and jars. Warm soapy water works wonders!

3.   If you’re worried, pop your preserve in the fridge to make sure it lasts. 

4.   Don’t be afraid! You know if something has gone off so trust your instincts. 

5.   If you’re making a jam or chutney put them into the hot jars and steal straight away to create a sterile environment.

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You can find Kylee at the following places online:

Newton and Pott Website

The Modern Preserver Cookbook





Music this week is Alright Now by Jesse Christensen via Noisetrade

Podcast created with the kind support of my producer, Chris Muldoon.