The APD Podcast, Season 2: In Conversation with Foreadventure


"We all have something in us that wants to be outside"- Dan, Foreadventure


In this episode I’m sharing an interview with a couple whose sense of adventure is truly inspiring. Dan and Jade are the couple behind Foreadventure, a local to me adventure company I am rapidly growing to love with each visit. 

It was a cold and wet day a few months ago that I journeyed down to Studland Bay, a beautiful part of the coast near our family home. It’s an area I’ve visited often with my daughter: swimming, running and playing on the sand, foraging for unusual shells and treasure together. As I walked down this particular day, I had plans to interview Dan and Jade, the founders of Foreadventure. The intention was to shoot a little video and prepare for an interview. What followed was 2 hours paddle boarding on the an incredibly still sea then eating seaweed and plants foraged from the shore. 

A short film taken on the day:


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Dan and Jade mention The Pig chef's and hotels a lot in the interview. You can find them, here

Music is 'Unclear' by Victoria Canal via Noisetrade

Podcast produced with the kind support of Chris Muldoon.