Be The Lorelai You Want to See In the World

I realised I had a Gilmore Girls problem when the 8th person at the school gates commented that I was perky the other morning. I'm never perky at the school gates. Ever. I smile. I hold doors open for others. If forced, I can cope with polite conversation. However, if it's 8.49 am you can usually count on my looking slightly fraught and muttering curses about lack of coffee as I run screaming with my child towards the gate. It's kind of my *thing*. 

So the comments about being perky made me pull up short. I was snappy in conversations suddenly, rambly when given a free rein and the random cheering for nothing in particular was just distressing to all involved I suspect. I knew the root of the problem: Lorelai Gilmore. 

A few weeks ago, Netflix announced that the comback season of Gilmore Girls was due for release and added the entire back catalogue. Overnight, my timelines transformed to rejoicing about buckets of ice cream (that don't exist in the UK), crushing on Luke and quoting those epic put downs. Except this time round, most of us are mothers, holding down jobs and running a household. Whereas last time I felt solidarity for Rory and her college angst, this time I looking at Lorelai like my last hope in single parentdom. 

It got about 4 episodes in when I muttered to myself "See? Lorelai would *get* me" and really that's when I should have known it was going down a slippery slope. You see, I don't get to feel that cool as a Mum. Very few of us do really. It's a lot of bodily fluids (mostly theirs) and tears (let's not dwell on whose) and carrying of THINGS. In Gilmore Girls we jump right in at the less angsty teen part to a girl ready to be the change she wants to see in the world and her Mum with a pretty impressive wardrobe. They eat ice cream together and bond over the male species. They have a better friendship that I have with most of my girl chums quite frankly and they do it all as daughter and Mum. If I had to pick a future relationship with my daughter when I'm flying solo, I'd take that one because it feels like a team when you watch it. They are each others emotional reserve and when you're single parenting it's the thing that can often tire you out the most in my experience. 

Now I'm not saying it's all believable. It's not. I've yet to see either perfectly formed Gilmore Girl take exercise and they've devoured more burgers, fries, ice creams and full fat coffees than I have in a life time and I'm still only on Season One. You know what though? If I'm finally going to sit down and rest after months of moving and stressing, I'd rather get entirely lost in fantasising about being a cool single mum. Why? Because right now there's some terrifying things happening in politics with women who seem to have birthed from Mordor itself. The media has lost its mind over women who do or do not have babies and paint in their eyebrows when the economy appears to be in free fall. I'm not ok with that. 

So I'll take a Lorelai right now because I'm fairly sure she'd hand me a giant coffee at the school gates and tell me if there was toothpaste down my top.