Summer Report, Part A

It's surprising how hard it is to let go. I mean on the one hand, I can just move on from some things without so much as a wince. For example, I can tear through this house with a charity bag in hand like a pro. Dithering over belongings has never been my thing. I can almost deal with never making the baby book that I planned for Little One. That pair of curtains that I was going to knock up last weekend? Yeah..... I can let go of some ideas. 

Getting to know the colours of home
Getting to know the colours of home

However, when it comes to just easing into life and going with the flow? It's not easy. I guess I'm just one of life's busy people and in order to make room for my creativity to return and to regain some control in my life after burn out, I deliberately underbooked childcare this summer. I've even taken to calling it 'The Season of Us' in an attempt to make it seem like a project I can achieve. See? I just can't give in without a little sense of purpose. I don't need a reason to spend time with my daughter of course, I love that. However, time with myself right now? Hmmmm. I've been finding that hard which is confusing to me as one of life's natural solo artists. 

Still, despite this awkwardness, my creativity is finally flowing and so is my making. Craft has found it's way back into my every day and some evenings have even found me tucked up with some knitting or reading a recipe book (or three). I've wandered with my camera, a lot. It's a habit I've missed the most I think and am the most encouraged by seeing it return. I even managed to score an old mirror I plan to paint and hang in the bathroom. It's a healing kind of busy and one I am very grateful for. 

I finished about 4 knit projects so far and with the intense fog we've been enjoying some days here by the sea, I'm going to be glad of them this Autumn. I've written a little about this over at Crafts From The Cwtch if you fancy a read (Yes! I'm writing! Check it out!). My favourite finished project is definitely this cute little hat with some scrap yarn for the pompom. 


Did I mention how much I've been enjoying just practicing photography? I've been working on portraits for a change and I'll be sharing some of those on here soon. It feels good to be stepping forward into new territory with my much loved Nikon. I even had a little creative play at movie making thanks to the Make Films course I've been taking with Xanthe. I did Xanthe's Mini Time Capsules over a year ago and this course is helping me kick it up a notch. I've created two movies so far and I'm eager to work on the next project already. It's fun to be a beginner at something and make my first, quite shaky, steps into film making with more than my iphone. I've started popping a little selection of film work I've done so far both for my own personal creativity but also for professional commissions over on my Youtube channel. I've been a bit shy about it but I think it's nice to have a place to document how my work is evolving. 


Predictably, there's been a lot of just taking the camera out for a walk to document the best of the season. Harvest is upon us and I'm delighted. 


With all this abundance and a little more time on my hands at last, I dived into some new recipes books. Never let it be said I'm a recipe book fiend. I can stop anytime I want. I swear.


It's meant a wave of new things to try and if there is one area of my culinary skills that has taken an enormous leap forward, it has to be preserving. Jam has featured heavily with Little One declaring Rhubarb and Ginger her new favourite. Mine is the Strawberry and Pimms from The Modern Preserver. I interviewed Kylee, the author, last season of the podcast and she is to blame entirely for the Craft Beer Pickles, Samphire and Compotes currently pouring from my kitchen. I'm entirely ok with this situation too.  


So what about your making? Do you need a creative purge every now and then to recharge? How do you make time for your crafts?