The APD Podcast, Season 3: New Beginnings.

 Season 3 of The APD podcast: New Beginnings


Welcome back to another season of the APD podcast. This season, I will be sharing stories exploring the word "Family". After wrestling with my own family set up, support networks and noticing the changing impact on my creativity, I decided to let you as listeners be part of my own exploration of what this word means. 

There will be stories from parents as well as non parents. I will be thinking wider than the quick image that's conjured up with this word, "family". I want to think about those of us who have online families, how communities nurture our creativity and how diverse the word family can truly be. This will be an exploration shared on the blog as well as the podcast as I kick around ideas and these ideas grow into routes I want to delve into a little deeper. 

I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time I won't lie. 


So let's start with a question, what does the word family mean to your making? Did you have a family that is rich in creativity or perhaps a community that has nurtured and encouraged you? Do you make for your family or perhaps, in spite of it! Please do join in this conversation and help me feel ready to explore this topic I've chosen and feel a little intimidated by now I'm about to go for it! You can find us chatting about our making as part of The Maker's Year which takes place predominantly on Instagram with the hashtag #themakersyear. I'd love to feel this is a season that you're intrigued to see unfold. Of course there's also Twitter where I ramble quite merrily as @aplayfulday


Exciting News for Those Wanting Even More Episodes!

I've also had time to think about the podcast growth and this season will launch something entirely new. I've decided to run a longer look at one family in particular whose story has been a huge influence and source of inspiration on my life here in Dorset. They were kind enough to let me become a part of their story this Summer and now I have these feature podcasts in addition to the weekly podcasts you've all become accustomed to. So for this Season I'm trialing exclusive content just for Patreon subscribers. 

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To find out more please head straight over to Patreon, the crowdfunding site for creators like myself. You'll find me there was A Playful Day. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing trailers and further news both on Patreon, the podcast and my monthly newsletter. You can sign up there too don't forget. I like to think of it as a love letter to creativity that I deliver straight into your inboxes once a month. 

I'll be back next week to share a story from someone who has lessons to teach us about changing your path to form better habits for creating and how family helped him do just that. 


Music is 'Nothing Ever Happens' by Rachel Platten via Noisetrade. 

Podcast creation support by my producer, Chris Muldoon.