The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Anthony Peters

 The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Anthony Peters


"I wanted to be something tangible that she [my daughter] would understand" - Anthony Peters

In this episode I’m sharing a conversation with a father, artist and someone who I personally have found incredibly inspiring in my quest to live a creative life. 

I first heard Anthony Peters talk over a year ago at an event called Blogtacular. He was the closing note speaker and he spoke with passion about listening to your own creative needs and desires. He spoke honestly about his own upbringing in a single parent family that was so nourishing for me raising my daughter on my own. He finished the talk with the question “Are you doing what you love or just what is expected of you?” and I almost broke down in tears it resonated so deeply at the time. Over a year on I can say I took all that I learned from Anthony and it’s helped shape the life that I live today with my daughter. 

Watch the talk Anthony gave at Blogtacular that inspired me so much I had to invite him on as a guest this season, here

I mention Ira Glass talking about practice and creativity so thought I should share the vimeo I was thinking of:

[vimeo 24715531 w=480 h=270]

Anthony mentions the book 'Drive' by Daniel Pink which you can find here. He also mentions 'A Technique for Producing Ideas' by Jess Webb Young. 

You can find Anthony in the following places:




Wow & Flutter

Made you Look documentary film about creativity in a digital age

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