The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Kirsty Hartley of Wild Things Dresses

 The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Kirsty Hartley of Wild Things Dresses


"We want to have a little more heart and soul in what we consume and what we make"- Kirsty Hartley

This interview felt like a great follow on conversation from last week’s chat with Anthony Peters. The tricky balance of fitting in personal creativity, finding your identity within your career and feeling fulfilled in your ambitions featured last week and does again this week. When I chose the topic of family, I suspect I sensed this tricky balance for myself both before and after having a child so I wasn’t surprised that it developed as a theme. What I love is that it’s led to reflections on how we learn and work best in our communities.

Kirsty Hartley is an extremely talented designer whose maker business stole my daughter and I’s hearts a few years ago. Kirsty has an amazing intuition for what makes children and parents tick. Simple shapes, study clothes that can be played in and colour makes me glad to dress her in Wild Things dresses and my daughter’s imaginative play goes through the roof when she’s dressed as a little bear, penguin or flower. 

A joyful little video to demonstrate our love for Wild Things Dresses:


You can find Kirsty’s creations online via and the following online spaces:






Not on the High Street

You can get Kirsty's books here

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