The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Melanie Barnes of Geoffrey & Grace

 The APD Podcast, In Conversation with Melanie Barnes


"I use creativity to get my moments of peace. It is an anchor."- Melanie Barnes

In this episode I’m sharing a conversation with a mother and blogger that felt very important to include in this season’s discussion of family. Creativity is a big theme for this podcast and the events in our life can very often impact our focus. For any of us who have been entirely lost in crafting and making in the face of life being a little more than we can bear or suddenly discovered we can create when given the time and space to do it, I’m sure you will relate to today’s guest.

Melanie Barnes writes and creates online as Geoffrey and Grace and I was glad to find her a few years ago. I was instantly drawn to her reflections on gratitude and life that didn’t leave me feeling guilty for the life I felt I should be living compared to those online. Melanie’s words and images are beautiful but not untouchable and so it will come as no surprise this interview was gentle and thoughtful. 

In this episode we touch on issues of fertility, our identity as mothers and the difficult assumptions people make around choosing to start a family. It mattered to me that this was a very audible voice and I'm thrilled Melanie was so willing to explore her experiences with us. 

Find Melanie in the following online spaces:

Geoffrey and Grace website





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You can read Melanie's post about longing to be a mother again, here

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