The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Goldhill Organics


“It’s a way of life and it’s a whole ethos”  - Jane Somper, Goldhill Organics

Today I am sharing a story about a family run business in Dorset, producing organic vegetables and fruit. We are down to the last 2 interviews for this season exploring the word family and when I put together each seasons of the podcast, I always have an aim to include a really local to me story. I contacted Goldhill Organics not long after settling in after relocating to Dorset and spoke to Jane Somper, our guest today. Her passion for beautiful fruit and vegetables is entirely infectious and a visit to the farm sealed the deal, I just HAD to get her onto the show.

What I loved about this interview was the fact the Goldhill Organics is a family run business and the whole story is infused with family history. The dedication it takes to run an organic farm is one that I took a lot of lessons from on a Summer’s day when my daughter and I moved between rows upon rows of carefully nurtured produce. You can find the post I wrote about my visit to Goldhill Organics, here

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A warm thanks to Jane for finding time to chat to me on a busy working day. To find out more about this wonderful place, please do visit

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