The APD Podcast, Season 3: In Conversation with Claire Thomson


Food is egalitarian....Food just needs to seem so normal that it’s just not an issue.

— Claire Thomson, Food writer and chef



Today I'm sharing an interview with Claire Thomson, cookbook author, food writer and mother of 3. I invited Claire on to the podcast as a way of exploring how we make food a very normal and nurturing thing in the home. I've always been endlessly fascinated by the way families observe meal times and the attitudes we form to food based on our own family values. It’s something we can carry with us for life and for normalising food is at the core of my beliefs. For some of us who have experienced eating disorders, food might even have become the enemy.  (If that is you, may I recommend connecting with Mind, B-eat or visiting your family doctor. Know that you are not alone in your struggle and it can stop.)

Claire is on a mission to make food a level playing field, a force to bring together every member of our family, friends and community wherever possible. When she wrote her first book, The 5 O’Clock Apron, she did so as a way of documenting family life and her new-born child’s first year. The food they ate that year is shared with good intent and it’s a cookbook I’ve turned to regularly in recent months. 

You can find Claire online:

The 5 O'clock Apron website



The 5 O'Clock Apron Cookbook

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On the podcast, Claire shares a family favourite, 'Broccoli Pesto Pasta'. This is a really quick dish where you boil pasta and broccoli together in the pan. The broccoli softens so much that it flecks through the pasta, creating a rich dish that you can layer up with more flavourings as your child wishes. Soften garlic in the pan, add some herbs and lemon juice and give it all a good mix. There's more detail in the podcast but it really is that simple! My daughter particularly loves the layering idea Claire describes in this podcast too- bowls of little flavourings to add as she wishes. 

Here's a handy graphic if you want to pin this recipe to remember later:

 Broccoli Pesto Pasta recipe- a quick and healthy dish for your family

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