Document Your Days

Remember this Playful Tot?


This little girl of mine started school a few months ago and with it came a whole array of complex emotions I struggled to keep up with. I've let the first half term of her school attendance kind of wash over me and here we are, tired and missing her left plimsoll but she's growing up. 

Somehow, time has zipped by so fast that I have a school age child and she has opinions and things to tell me about and I'm just sort of.... in awe. As I pondered our new rhythm recently, I did something small that caused a huge ripple. I flipped on my camera and just scrolled through the past 6 months..... 

Tucked in there were moments we lived. 


Moments I fought damn hard for us to have. 


In that 2-3 minutes of surprised silence I realised that I had been holding onto some of those moments, more tightly than I'd given myself credit for. I seem to have been tucking them away for another day when I might need them. These images should have long been saved into a cloud or printed or *something* but tucked in there was time moving on, one frame at a time. Life can be a chaotic journey but my goodness would you look at those moments right there?

So I guess I'm asking you what your five minutes will be that save your sanity? What is it that will make you click back into the place you need when life has left you feeling a little lost? I've written before about the power I draw from taking what seems like a lot of beautiful pictures for no apparent reason. I guess it does seem vapid in the grand scheme of it all but it might just be the click you need to make yourself hold on and do it all again. I chose to take a picture as a promise to myself that I will celebrate life as often as I can. 

Document your days. Through the rose tinted memory you'll view them in? You won't remember she was sick on your pjs that day. Trust me.