The APD Podcast: The Return


Well, this is it. The microphone is switched back on, and it’s time to get chatting once again. The gap year is over. So come on, and let’s get playful. 

Today's show is something of a preview. I'm breaking down my intentions, making them clear and putting my hopes out there into the universe. I want to switch the microphone on and make this last for a long time, if we can. 

Going forward, creativity will be at the heart of this podcast as always and I’ve decided to ramp up some of the other elements I had begun to explore thanks to conversations with guests. I tackled topics such as gender, identity, mental health and those are some pretty important things to unpack in order to create with joy and celebrate life. So that’s the blend I’m aiming for. A kind of pause and reflect in a way that I hope will inspire you, equip you and maybe surprise you. That last one is actually a pretty fun thought.

I will continue to use Patreon to fund all things A Playful Day and keep every element that I produce, advertisement free. Patreon began to introduce some changes which they have since pulled back from in response to the many creators and community members feedback. You can read what happened here if you've been worried about this in any way. Patreon remains the best way to find my work at A Playful Day.

If you'd like to contribute just a donation however, I do also have a Ko-Fi button which means you can buy me a cup (or more) of virtual coffee. 

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Right now, there will be an open access podcast, with a guest each month. I will also include a gated podcast per month for Patreon subscribers. This will give me the time to build back up slowly while I relocate with my family and look for ways to make A Playful Day a sustainable project. There's lots of options for more extras if you wish and I've broken these down over at Patreon. I'm keeping things fully visible so you know what I will use these pledges for each month. 

One thing I'm introducing is a transcript of the show. This is based on years of feedback regarding accessibility. Each pledge means that I can pay for professional transcription services that means the podcast remains openly accessible for as many people as possible. To download the transcript, please click here

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Also, I'd love to see where you're listening to the podcast and hear your thoughts so do add the hashtag #apdpodcast. If you're excited to hear that the podcast is back, let me know!


I'm back in the next few days with the first featured guest podcast so I'll be speaking to you very soon.