How to Break Up With Your Blog & Podcast

For so many people who have a business online, starting again probably seems pretty terrifying. You've feathered your online nest and made an investment to build a following around it. A rebrand is a halfway house option to starting over but the run up to it is pretty daunting and possibly not worth the risk. 

Sitting down writing in my new online space for the first time today, I'm here to tell you it's actually pretty liberating to quit and start again. I'm not going to tell you that building an entirely new site, claiming new social media handles and relaunching a podcast has been easy. I am going to say though that those numbers you've been building aren't defining your success. What matters is who you are and what you want to do about it going forward. 

In a way, I think I can actually thank the fall out during the recent introduction of GDPR guidelines. At the time, I could see a lot of panic from peers. In the mess of misinformation, a lot of people feared that they were about to lose 100's if not 1000's of email newsletter subscribers. Subscribers are potential customers and so the reaction to culling a newsletter list is perfectly understandable. When you build a community that follows you on social media, subscribes to your newsletter and keeps up to date with all you want to tell them about? Losing people can feel like an etch-a-sketch end of days for your potential growth. 

I have to admit that rather than fear, I started to feel the rumblings of excitement. I knew that if I tightened things up, I'd be losing those people that perhaps didn't really want to be around anymore or weren't switched on by what I was doing. I'd got sign ups fair and square but I used it as the excuse I needed to set out exactly who I was and what I was about.

There's a few things I have really learned in 8 years of successful blogging and podcasting. Online spaces change. Platforms change. Algorithms change (daily). People change. We evolve and take what we need in life. I learned a long time ago that none of it is personal. I'm exactly the same in my fickleness. 

The thing is, most people will come back to you if they like what you're about. So I was pretty ruthless with tidying up my mailing list and didn't play it safe. The first email I sent out felt liberating and I paid attention to that feeling. I felt like I was talking to close friends again. These were the people that have got super into my vibe and that was something I didn't take lightly. That rumble of excitement started to grow. I knew it was time to change. 

So these last few months, I went about the business of starting over. I felt nervous but determined. I wanted to be fully myself: me but with..... well, more me in there. I took the decision to walk away from a persona that I'd previously hidden rigidly behind. I'd needed that persona to help me while I was figuring stuff out. Being a work in progress hasn't changed much if I'm honest but I have goals and plans that I wish to honour and am finally believing that they can happen. 

Saying Goodbye to A Playful Day

Farewell and hello to A Playful Day

The podcast feed will stay till the end of the year and then I suspect I won't renew the subscription. The old website and blog now redirects here. I need to polish things up on the recipes front and plan to release those afresh as I know a lot of you enjoyed those. They just were a pain to reformat on top of everything else. I'll get there. 

The new podcast, Conversations From Our Days, will host all the conversations you've grown accustomed to if you've been listening to A Playful Day this year. In between new conversations, I'll be uploading old material a chunk at a time so that it is reformatted as Conversations from Our Days and is fully transcribed. 

This is the part where I have to extend my gratitude to every single person who has ever pledged to support the podcast or donated. You have helped shape things going forward. You understood my commitment to chasing dreams, to holding a door open and to keeping things as accessible as possible. That really is very special and I do not take that lightly. 

To honour a beginning and end, I've added one last episode to the podcast feed. You can listen here before switching subscriptions over on your favourite podcast catchers.

If you're impatient and need it? Here's the new RSS feed which you can add to your podcast apps and then you're all set up. The new feed is whirring away so a couple of spaces like itunes etc might take a day or two but most seem to be ticking over nicely. The main thing I feel is good that I'm here and I'm doing it. I hope you are excited too. 

Transcript can be accessed here for those who need it.